Air Jordan Shoes – Continuing the Legacy

In the history of the shoe marketing, no other basketball shoe has been able to change the face of the business quite like the jordan brand shoes have. Word on the wire is that in homage towards the Michael Jordan/Air Jordan shoe endowment, they mango sneaker would only produce 1 versions of the Air Jordan shoe to pay special recognition and appreciation to Mike himself.

So when Nike finally released the 23rd rendition, it was definitely anticipated that it would be as faddish and notorious as its Jordan brand descendants. The newest addition did not disappoint both its makers and consumers with how much of a crowd pleaser it actually became. The shoe’s color way was done as an added tribute to Mike’s new business venture, hobby, and passion Jordan Motorsports.

This smooth design and of course hyperlink to Mike’s ever famous jersey number 1 assured its place in the air Jordan shoe get in line. Upon first impression the athletic shoe boasts what could be considered a pro motorsport look. The graphics on this particular Air Jordan shoe were not exactly captivating at first, but they grew on the more down and dirty level basketball athletic shoe fans in no time at all.

This Air Jordan basketball athletic shoe was also the first shoe produced and released under its “Considered” ethos, which is Nike’s goal to help minimize waste and whenever viable use environmentally friendly paraphernalia.

The Jordan 1 was released to the public in three cycles starting in January and ending in February of 2009. The first round issued was limited edition Jordan brand shoe that was to be sent out to only twenty three retailers, this shoe was to be sold for $230. 00. The finishing play for this sneaker’s launch was when Nike took it national, making it available to consumers for a pure $185. 00 per pair. All year we had heard rumors that the Air Jordan 1 would be the end in the numbered line of Air Jordan shoes, and now it seems, that it is a truth.

There had of course been whispers at Nike about retiring the Jordan brand athletic shoe line all together. Company officials and Michael jordan himself did not have much to say in return to these unsubstantiated reports. Turns out they all had a good reason to be so quiet on the subject. What with the new sequence of Air Jordan shoes the 2009’s and 2010’s coming out, we can hardly wait to see what Jordan brand and Nike have to offer next.

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