Not online Gambling – For Better Or For Worse

Betting is quite popular, and has been that way since time immemorial and still remains popular. Don’t forget that it’s a scam, and involves plenty of deception. According to statistics, almost 60 % of people, mostly adults who are involved in betting are very much addicted to what they refer to as a past time PGSOFT. The people who are deeply addicted to betting develop an urge of wagering on literary anything. Be it cards, casinos or horses. This is just a small part of the unlimited number of things they can bet on.

Casino related scams are prevalent. Massive payouts and the promises of huge wins are largely advertised in bold and this attracts the folks who dream about getting rich quickly and fast. It’s a fact that gamblers are very resilient hence don’t easily get discouraged.

Surveys show that majority of people with little self-control and discipline are very susceptible to betting problems, that means it can be easily identified and rectified.

Below are a number of questions you can use to probe and identify if a problem is present.

  • How do you feel after losing money in a game of betting, irrespective of the amount, regret or resentment?
  • After you strike a win, do you feel a strong urge to win more and want to go back?
  • If you lose money, do you feel an urgency to go back and recover your money?
  • is much of your time spend betting, mostly more than you initially planned?
  • Do you find consolation to your problems from betting?
  • is much of your time spend betting than doing productive work?
  • Do you gamble until your last any amount of money fails the strain?
  • Is your relationship with your family strained as a result of betting?
  • Do you borrow money from friends and associates to finance your betting?

The type of gambler that is much more difficult to deal with is the action gambler. Majority of this type of gamblers are male, the problem in dealing with them comes from the fact that to these people betting gives them some kind of elation similar to that created by drug infatuation. Such individuals can never admit about their addiction when confronted. They normally gamble themselves to poverty.

Betting being a big scam, attracts multitudes into it. The chief motivating factors for these people is the expectation and hope to make huge profits that could transform them into millionaires instantly. But then comes another fatal reason – the feeling of some euphoria. Be it a scam or not, people still gamble and that makes not online betting exist to date.

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