Red Bell Peppers Reduce Cancer Risk

One of the best things about our health is that we can do so much to help ourselves. In most of these situations, such as eating fresh fruit and veg, there is little if any cost. By i always mean we need to buy food to survive so all we need do is buy the right type of food. And in this case we’re discussing red bell peppers. They 피망머니상 came originally from South america and are members of the same family which includes potatoes, acidic tomatoes and eggplant. Bell peppers come in numerous colors including red, yellow and green. They are called bell peppers because they are in the shape of a bell.

Two great qualities of red bell peppers are that they can support the risk reduction of a number of cancers – lung, prostate, ovarian and cervical – so men and women alike can freely consume this vegetable, and red bell peppers have benefits for our health in ways other than cancer reduction. They can support the fight against cholesterol, heart disease and other degenerative diseases.

Red bell peppers are packed with antioxidants which are brilliant in fighting free radicals. How does this happen and why is it important?

Well when two atoms join they form a molecule – if two water atoms join they form a water molecule. But each molecule has an electron and sometimes the electron escapes from the molecule that makes that molecule a free radical. Now free radicals are the bad guys. They go on the attack. They look for a healthy molecule and steal its electron. This makes that molecule also a free radical. Now these roaming free radicals can get into our healthy cells and do serious damage. If enough cells are infected by these free radicals it can cause a breakdown of your immune system, damage to vital parts and even as the catalyst for heart disease and cancer. So clearly we need to remove the free radicals. Okay, but how?

Well the ideal weapon is antioxidants. Free radicals fear antioxidants.

But life is often not quite so simple. You see free radicals can be created within our body as explained before but we can ‘collect’ them too from the air we breathe and from the toxins in the food we eat. There’s another reason why diet is so important in our fight to stay healthy and reduce our risk of cancer.

Red bell peppers are packed with antioxidants – the opposing of free radicals. Remember we cannot stop free radicals but we can certainly weaken them and reduce their dangerous capabilities. And did you know that red bell peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges?

One study of 8000 adults found that the consumption of red bell peppers reduced the risk of various cancers by as much as 27%. Red bell peppers can help you fight heart disease, improve your eyesight and eliminate risk of cancer. You should be available all year round. What are you waiting for?

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